The company

Mollificio Mazzoni was created in 1968 as a small artisan company.

Initially located in a provisional confined space, the company gradually grows-up in the field of metal springs manufacturing, thanks to the talent and skills of its founder, Gilberto Gioacchini.

The company dynamism and the continuous will to tackle and solve new issues ensured the development of the small firm Mollificio Mazzoni into a modern and dynamic Company, able to satisfy the most demanding customers and to perform any complex and advanced processing, so as to become a reference for those who work in the automotive sector.

Today Mollificio Mazzoni can boast a long and deep experience in spring manufacturing and in complex geometry machining of metallic wire and strip of any kind. The Company has always paid particular attention to the definition of technical specifications and to the actual customer’s needs and requirements.

Being aware of its exclusive know-how in specific process technology of metallic wire and strip, Mollificio Mazzoni offers full industrialization service aimed at the specific product utilization.

The Company only produces on behalf of electromechanical and electronic components manufacturers and the Design and Development Department is able to provide customers with full support and counselling for product industrialization processes.